Negotiations update – 11/29/12

You’ve certainly seen, and hopefully are wearing, a Respect button; within the next few days we’ll have Respect signs for your doors.  These buttons and signs beg the question - what does RESPECT mean to you?  What does RESPECT mean in our workplace?  For months now, your negotiating team has been working to translate respect into concrete contract language.  

Workload Task Force Interim Report 12/10/2008

As required by the 2007 – 2010 Agreement between the Seattle Community Colleges District and AFT Seattle Community Colleges, Local 1789, a Task Force was convened in May of 2008 to review faculty workload issues. The specific charges of the Task Force were as follows:

Negotiations Update

September 28, 2012

During the final few weeks of Summer Quarter we prepared a comprehensive proposal, which we presented to the Administration on August 20th.  They also presented us with a comprehensive proposal.  Ours consisted of proposals we had presented earlier which the administration had been unwilling to discuss, as well as counters to proposals they had presented.  They, on the other hand, had dropped a number of their original proposals (even some we offered counters to), maintained some and offered counters to some of ours.