Negotiations Update February 19, 2013

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The one year “anniversary” of the start of negotiations has arrived. I hate to think of how many trees we’ve used up, with our multiple drafts of proposals, counter proposals, tentative-tentative agreements and volumes of minutes.  All that paper represents a lot of thinking, reflection, consideration…and in the near future, we hope, a contract worthy of ratification.


AFT Seattle Resolution Supporting Garfield Highschool Teachers...

...In Defending Against the Use of Meaningless Standardized Tests in Education, January 22, 2013.  Read the whole Resolution here.

Brown Looks at Reshaping California's Higher Education

Decades of state budget cuts have chipped away at California's community colleges, but now Gov. Jerry Brown seems determined to restore some of the luster....  See the whole article here.

Negotiations update – 11/29/12

You’ve certainly seen, and hopefully are wearing, a Respect button; within the next few days we’ll have Respect signs for your doors.  These buttons and signs beg the question - what does RESPECT mean to you?  What does RESPECT mean in our workplace?  For months now, your negotiating team has been working to translate respect into concrete contract language.