Classified Appreciation Week

Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the AFT Washington Executive Board and staff, I want to thank you for your dedication and for the contribution you make to your workplace and your union.

Support Faculty Negotiations at Board of Trustees Meeting

As you know, AFT Seattle has been in negotiations with the administration for a year.  AFT Seattle has fought hard for important gains, such as workload equity and a meaningful raise to the stipend rate, along with other items.

At this point, we have decided it's time to go to mediation.  The administration has talked plenty about the need to address workload equity, but they haven't offered to do much about it.  They're willing to raise the stipend rate to $33, but that leaves us well below Shoreline ($39) and Everett Community Colleges ($40) for no good reason.

Negotiations Update February 19, 2013

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The one year “anniversary” of the start of negotiations has arrived. I hate to think of how many trees we’ve used up, with our multiple drafts of proposals, counter proposals, tentative-tentative agreements and volumes of minutes.  All that paper represents a lot of thinking, reflection, consideration…and in the near future, we hope, a contract worthy of ratification.


AFT Seattle Resolution Supporting Garfield Highschool Teachers...

...In Defending Against the Use of Meaningless Standardized Tests in Education, January 22, 2013.  Read the whole Resolution here.