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Enough Already

Your union Local AFT 1789 is launching a new campaign.  Stand up for education.  Stand up for our students, teachers, and community!


What's the Union Difference?

Why join a Union? This Washington State Labor Council link had lots of information and notes Albert Einstein was a founding member of the Princeton faculty union - American Federation of Teachers, Local 522!



The Union MATTERS (initially called the ADVANCE) is our new bi-weekly publication - just one page, and supplements our Faculty VOICE


Your AFT Seattle Community Colleges, Local 1789

The AFT Seattle Community Colleges, Local 1789 represents ALL faculty in the Seattle Community Colleges.  Teachers, librarians, and counselors are all faculty and all proudly represented. 


We are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers WA; the American Federation of Teachers; and the AFL-CIO. 


2007-2010 Agreement

Here is our 2007-2010 Contract
You can view the Word document by clicking on the link above.