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Welcome to AFT1789, your faculty union! To be a voting member and receive some benefits, you must first sign and submit this form to be issued an AFT membership ID number.

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NOTE! Even though the online form allows you to add a digital signature, that won’t work for us. Our forms still require a your handwritten or hand-drawn signature to be accepted and processed by district payroll. You can go ahead and use the online feature to respond to all the fields EXCEPT the two (2) signature lines. Those MUST be signed in ink.

Then… Send it to the address at the top of the form (scan & email OR snail mail), or turn it in to one of your Senator/s or Senate President.

All faculty are represented and benefit from the work of the union; only union members have the opportunity for direct impact on union decisions.

REMEMBER! Sign by hand for the application to be processed promptly.


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