2012 Negotiations

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AFT Seattle will begin negotiations with the SCCD on Friday, February 24th.  We have agreed to begin the process with a facilitator who will provide training and then assist us in the first few sessions to ensure a constructive and effective process.  Our goal is to ratify a contract by the end of Spring Quarter; with good preparation and process, we may be able to achieve it.

I’d like to introduce our team and encourage you to acknowledge their hard work and commitment to ensuring that Our Working Conditions Contribute to Excellent Learning Conditions for our students. 

The Starting Line-up

Ed Ciok, Full-Time, Central, IEL

Dave Eberhardt, Part-Time, North, BEIT

Tracy Furutani, Full-Time, North, Math & Science

Brian Holt, Full-Time, North, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Karen Strickland, Full-Time, AFT Seattle President

Robin Tartow, Part-Time, Central, BITCA



Nancy Adelson, Full-Time, North, BEIT

Don Bissonnette, Full-Time, South, Adult Basic Education

Kimberly McRae, Full-Time, Central, Counselor


You might notice that only two team members are part-time and our only South Campus representative is an alternate.  The AFT Seattle Executive Board actively reached out to achieve broad representation of all faculty groups, but we recognize that we didn’t reach the ideal balance; we are, however, dedicated to ensuring all perspectives are represented throughout negotiations.  Your input to any of us is welcome.

You still have the opportunity to play a role by providing research support to the team, observing a session or helping us maintain communication with the membership.  Please contact Tracy Furutani (tracy.furutani@seattlecolleges.edu) if you would like to participate in one of these ways. 

We have buttons just for this occasion available, so please check with your Senators to get one and wear it to generate conversation, ideas and support for faculty.  Our message? 

Faculty Working Conditions


Student Learning Conditions


In Solidarity,


Karen Strickland

AFT Seattle President


1500 Harvard Ave.

Seattle, WA 98122