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Below is the text of an email update sent by David Krull (Negotiations Chair) on 4/27/2022 to all faculty:

All Faculty Negotiation Update

AFT met with representatives of Seattle Colleges yesterday to continue negotiating a pay raise.  AFT’s current demand remains at a 15% across the board pay increase.  SCD has offered a 0% pay increase for the entire 3 years of our current Contract.

To move the negotiations forward, AFT offered two paths forward, which SCD agreed to take back to College leadership.

1.     Our Colleges can immediately put a good faith wage increase offer on the table and we will


Below is the text of an email update sent by David Krull (Negotiations Chair) on 4/14/2022 to all faculty:

On Tuesday afternoon your AFT negotiation team met with representatives of Seattle Colleges.  There were two items on our agenda:

  1. SCD’s response to AFT’s demand for a 15% general wage increase for faculty.
  2. Continuing discussion for AFT’s demand that faculty have full access to our negotiation sessions.

Thank you to the nearly 50 faculty members that gave up their afternoons to join in solidarity the joint negotiations zoom session on Tuesday!

SCD began with a short presentation describing


Below is the text of an email update sent by David Krull (Negotiations Chair) on 2/8/2022 to all faculty:

Wage Negotiations update 2/8/22

As promised, your negotiation team will provide all faculty with a summary of all discussions during our joint negotiations with the Administration's team.

Today was the first joint session with the Administration’s team and we intentionally had a short agenda because the eboard directed us to first work with the Administration to allow access to all members to the joint sessions via zoom.  AFT told the Administration that we expected members to have access to


Text copied from email sent by David Krull (AFT 1789 Negotiations Chair) on 3/15/2022 to all faculty:

After our last joint negotiation session, one of our faculty members in attendance, shared out these excellent notes from the session.  They were shared on the "faculty conversations" email list, so not all members had an opportunity to see them.

The notes are excellent and instead of the negotiation team sending out a second set, we think it keeps with the spirit of our members observing the sessions live - I want to re-share Chuck McKeever's observations of what happened during the last


Highlights of the current proposal, March 2021

The total value of this package according to the District is $12 million over the 3 year term of the Contract. This figure includes $6 million in new funding from the Colleges and $6 million in new funding from the State of Washington for "high demand fields."

The Contract Proposal also includes the right for AFT to immediately demand bargaining of a salary increase for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 academic years.

  1. Salary increases – no general pay increase.  All FT faculty will receive a one time payment of $2,500 in July 2021. All PT faculty that taught at least a 13% workload (2 credits) in Winter, Spring or Summer 2021 will receive a one-time payment of $1,667.
  2. FT/PT faculty ratio will increase during the next 3 years:  55%/45% this year; 56%/44% next year; 57%/43% the final year of the CBA. Each 1% movement represents approximately 5 faculty FTEs.
  3. Workload Equity for all faculty groups during the next 3 years.  All faculty workloads will be based on 15 contact hours, with some programs beginning this summer. This will result in significant pay increases for all PT faculty working in programs that currently have more than 15 contact hour requirements and moonlight opportunities for FT.
  4. Stipend rate increased from $35 to $40 per hour.
  5. The Professional Development fund increased from $60,000/year to $120,000/year.
  6.  Increase funding for Performance Arts at each campus from $5,000/year to $10,000/year with the ability of the colleges to elect to pool their funds.
  7. Guaranteed pay for all Independent Study assignments ($80/credit).
  8.  Guaranteed pay for all Prior Learning Assessment work.
  9. Payment of PT faculty’s paid FMLA leave insurance premiums.
  10. All faculty that complete 1,000 hours in a professional education/certificate program are eligible to receive a step pay increase.

Non-Economic Gains

  1. Mandated the adoption of EDI principals in the faculty hiring, tenure and evaluation processes.
  2. Ownership by faculty of their class materials.
  3. Improved hiring practices for FT and PT faculty.
  4. Improved Tenure process.
  5. Improved Priority Hire protections and expansion of qualifying courses.
  6. Clarified/restricted FT “non-instructional duties” to those negotiated in the annual EEPD process, without additional pay.
  7. Strengthened union rights – requiring notice and bargaining of any changes to working conditions requested by Administration.
  8. Improved office hour requirements for virtual instruction.
  9. Improved student complaint process to restrict length of time complaints can remain open.
  10. Formed Task Force to determine proper amounts of additional pay for instructors of “clustered courses” with a timeline to implement by the end of Winter 2022.

Mediation Update Feb. 16, 2021

Our next joint mediation is set for Thursday afternoon, February 18th.  

During that session we will receive Administration’s latest financial offer regarding pay raises (or lump sum payment) for all faculty.  We also expect to reach a tentative agreement on the hiring processes for full-time and part-time faculty (Articles 6.5A, 6.5B).  Administration also owes a response for how much extra pay faculty will receive that agree to teach clustered courses (Article 11.8).  These items represent the last remaining areas we are working on in mediation.  We continue to finalize the impacted areas of our new workload equity gains.  

We reached a tentative agreement on the ratio of full-time to part-time (appendix E) as follows:  

· For the academic year beginning July 1, 2020, the FT:PT FTE ratio will be at least 55:45.

· For the academic year beginning July 1, 2021, the FT:PT FTE ratio will be at least 56:44.

· For the academic year beginning July 1, 2022, the FT:PT FTE ratio will be at least 57:43.

It’s not as high as we wanted, but it’s progress that we can build upon in our next negotiation.

We also reached tentative agreements on improvements in the tenure process (Article 7) requiring training for the committee members and significant improvements to Priority Hire in Article 10.7.

Feb. 9, 2021 mediation update

We’ve had two joint negotiation sessions since our last faculty update.  We continue to make progress on important issues for faculty; however, progress on getting a pay raise remains slow.

1.  A tentative agreement has been reached to increase the percentage of full-time teaching assignments over the next three years.  In our prior contract, the District agreed to add fifteen (15) new FT positions during the Contract. Unfortunately, the total number of positions filled was far short of the goal due to vacancies.

Our goal of increasing the number of full-time positions for faculty stayed the same this year.  We have reached a tentative agreement now to establish mandatory ratios of classes taught by full time faculty compared to part time faculty.  Beginning the current year, the ratio will be 55%FT/45%PT.  Each year, this ratio of actual teaching assignments will increase 1% point so that at the end of our contract the ratio will improve to 57%/43%.  AFT will continue to negotiate this ratio upward in future contracts.  For perspective, each 1% point move equates to 6 FTE faculty positions at our current employment levels.

2.  Priority Hire rights and the process for attaining Priority Hire status have been clarified and improved to benefit our part time faculty members and give more faculty improved job security.  This negotiation began with collaboration on revisions to 10.7, then made a U-turn with  Administrators wanting to eliminate priority hire status for all new part time faculty – it ended with AFT strongly rejecting any attempts to remove these rights to any faculty and strengthening faculty’s qualified teaching list and seniority rights going forward.

3.  Improved faculty hire processes for both fulltime and part time faculty.  The hiring processes have been expanded to emphasize a broader, more diverse hiring pool with training for all involved in the process and more engagement from division faculty in the part time hiring process.

4.  These improvements for faculty are in addition to the commitment to achieve workload equity across all departments during the next 3 years.

There is no new financial offer from our Colleges Leadership team to share with you currently. Once again, our team made clear that we cannot present a deal to the faculty that doesn't include salary improvements. The admin team asked for more time to revisit their proposal.

Mediation Update Jan. 22, 2021

AFT met last Friday with representatives from the District.  We remain at an impasse on pay raises and a handful of issues.  I want to share with you the status of our discussions and invite your questions and feedback.  

1.  Pay raises for all faculty during the next 3 years.  The District remains firm that it will not commit to any pay raises for the next 3 years for faculty.  Their position is based on the current uncertainty in enrollment levels and uncertainty of State funding for all higher education.
AFT understands that the current year does have uncertainty - so we've been offering flexible alternatives to allow for uncertainty in the 2020-2021 year - but we are opposed to any agreement to forego pay raises for 3 years because of budget uncertainties in one year.
Also, AFT is frustrated by the failure of the District to acknowledge its own role in our current financial difficulties.  The College Presidents have still not acknowledged that during the last 5 years of declining enrollments, budgets were met by cutting classes (and laying off faculty) - instead of reducing overhead costs.  In the last 5 years, faculty headcount has declined 28% while exempt employees have remained the same.  The College Presidents have diverted an additional 12% of the District's annual spending to non-instructional functions during the last 5 years.  Removing $13 million a year from Instruction.
The District's on-going refusal to accept these facts makes it difficult to get them to take steps to correct this unsustainable spending trend.  These spending decisions, which negatively impacted our enrollment levels add to the budget uncertainties we now face.
AFT's latest proposal to the District for pay increases attempts to give the District time to adjust its spending and re-prioritize Instruction in its annual budgeting process.  Our offer allows the District to not make a pay raise during the current year - instead, starting July 1, 2021 with a 2.5% pay raise for all faculty.  This would be followed by another 2.5% for the next two years (7.5% total).  Allowing the District several years to address its budget priorities.
The District has countered with a proposal to use some one-time funding it just received access to this year to pay faculty a one-time, lump sum payment in lieu of any pay raises during the next 3 years.  The District has offered FT faculty a one-time payment of $700 by July and PT faculty a one-time payment of $470 by the end of summer.  AFT rejected this offer as being significantly too low an amount to consider.
These one-time lump sum payment amounts equal 1% of the average pay for a FT and PT faculty - except since they would not increase a faculty member's base pay, making them less valuable than a 1% pay increase over time.  Again, this is all the District is offering for the next 3 years.
AFT responded that it will consider a lump sum payment if two conditions are met:
First, - that the lump sum payment is equal in value to the 7.5% (compounded) we proposed over the next 3 years.  AFT proposed a one-time payment amount of $6,000 for each FT faculty and $4,000 for each PT faculty.
Second, if any employee group within the District, including management, receives a pay increase during the term of our Contract, AFT members would automatically receive an identical percentage pay increase.
If the District wants us to accommodate their request and accept a one-time payment instead of annual pay raises, then we must insist on receiving both components - a substantial lump sum payment and the tie to future pay raise if they occur.  Lump sum payments do not help us recruit new faculty because they do not impact faculty's base salary.  A lump sum payment does not improve our long-term pay inequity. 
Faculty can understand the District's short term financial uncertainty, but AFT must remain focused on improving the quality of working at Seattle Colleges and the long-term impacts on our students and community. 
2.  Increasing the ratio of full-time to part-time faculty on our campuses.  AFT continues to push for additional full time teaching positions at the Colleges.  The District acknowledges that we currently have a ratio of 55%/45% of FT/PT faculty in teaching assignments.  They wish to lock-in this current level for the next 3 years - with no improvements.  AFT's position is that our current level of FT positions is inadequate to do all the work we need to already do - so locking that ratio in for the next 3 years would be a poor business decision.  If we want to increase the diversity of our faculty and have more student engagement to increase retention of our students - then we need to provide full time positions to attract and retain new faculty and we need more FT faculty available to perform all the work needed on campus to grow enrollment and retain our students and the quality of the education offered.   AFT proposes we commit to growing the FT/PT ratio over the next few years with a target of achieving 60%/40% as soon as possible.
3.  Workload equity - we have reached agreement with the District for all faculty assignments to be paid based on a weekly workload of 15 contact hours.  We have agreed on a rollout period for all impacted programs during the next 3 years of our new contract.  This change impacts areas such as moonlight assignments, pro rata, annual workload averaging, and guaranteed workload for priority hire faculty.  So, we are working through the impact on these related contract provisions to ensure a smooth transition to these new workload contact hours.
4.  Hiring practices for part-time faculty.  We continue to receive significant push back from the District in our efforts to improve hiring practices for part time faculty in our effort to improve the diversity of our faculty.  The current PT hiring practice results in the least diverse hiring of any category of employees at the Colleges - so AFT will continue to push for a change.  The District wants to maintain the right for the Unit Administrator to make the decision on their own, while AFT wants a broader committee (like the FT hiring practices) to get a broader range of candidates into the PT hiring pools. 
These are the main sticking points in our negotiations.  We meet again this Friday with the District team.
Thank you for all your support,
Your AFT negotiation team

Yesterday was our first mediation session with the District.  We elected to use a mediator to facilitate our negotiation sessions following our September 11th joint session because we were not making forward progress on several issues. 


Our first mediated negotiation session focused exclusively on “workload equity” issues.  Neither side changed its position during yesterday’s mediation.  We have scheduled additional mediation sessions in November to continue discussing workload equity and pay increases for all faculty. 


Here is a brief recap of the workload equity issues and past offers.  At