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AFT-Seattle Commits to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion actions

AFT Seattle commits to:

  • Providing financial support for organizations that work to build an anti-racist society, including bail funds and community funds for protesters;
  • Holding our local and affiliate unions accountable for eliminating racist and exclusionary practices;
  • Participating in conversations about changing the city of Seattle’s budget priorities by increasing allotments for housing, healthcare, and education;

    North Seattle Senate

    Elizabeth Goulet President

    Davene Eyres Grievance Chair

    Suzanne Schlador Secretary

    Senators: MS

    Ralph Jenne

    Michael Stephancin

    Tracy Furutani


    Senators: AHSS

    Colleen Stahl

    Geoff Palmer

    Brian Holt


    Senators: WID

    David McConnon

    Beth Goss


    Senators: Library/Counseling
    Jenny Mao



    Seattle Central Senate

    Central Faculty Senate President, Chris Conley 2BE3122, 206.934.6347
    Central Part-time Rep, Erin Gibbons 2SAM110, 206.934.3129
    Central Grievance Chair, Denise Vaughn 2BE3122, 206.934.5413
    • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: Kay Rutherford, Tatiana Garmendia, Brian Kirk, Paul Croon, 1 position open
    • Allied Health: Peggy Martin-Waters (SHS)
    • Basic & Transitional Studies: Kyle Nunes, Andre Loh, 1 position open