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2021-2023 Executive Board & Faculty Senate Officers


District Level Officers:

  • District President: Annette Stofer
  • District Secretary: Althea Lazzaro 

  • District President for Part-time Faculty: Natalie Simmons

  • District Grievance Chair: Libby Schoene

  • Treasurer: Marla Robinson

  • Membership Chair: Sharon Spence-Wilcox

  • Communications/Technology Chair: Alyssa Jocson Porter

  • Negotiations Chair: David Krull

  • Professional Issues Chair: Alecia Spooner

  • Human and Civil Rights Chair: Cristóbal A. Borges

Faculty Senate - North Seattle College:

  • PresidentJim Jewell
  • Part-time Faculty Representative: Jamie Wilson
  • Secretary: Shireen Deboo

Faculty Senate - Seattle Central College:

  • PresidentHelena Ribeiro
  • Part-time Faculty Representative: Mia Bailey

Faculty Senate - South Seattle College:

  • President: Letitia (Tish) Lopez
  • Part-time Faculty Representative: Charlotte Skeffington
  • Grievance Co-Chairs: Ruben Murcia/John Toutonghi


Open Positions:

  • Political Action Chair
  • Grievance Chair at North
  • Grievance Chair at South
  • Senate Secretary at South
  • Senate Secretary at Central

Updated 12/7/21

AFT-Seattle Commits to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion actions

AFT Seattle commits to:

  • Providing financial support for organizations that work to build an anti-racist society, including bail funds and community funds for protesters;
  • Holding our local and affiliate unions accountable for eliminating racist and exclusionary practices;
  • Participating in conversations about changing the city of Seattle’s budget priorities by increasing allotments for housing, healthcare, and education;