MEDIATION Oct. 29, 2020

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Yesterday was our first mediation session with the District.  We elected to use a mediator to facilitate our negotiation sessions following our September 11th joint session because we were not making forward progress on several issues. 


Our first mediated negotiation session focused exclusively on “workload equity” issues.  Neither side changed its position during yesterday’s mediation.  We have scheduled additional mediation sessions in November to continue discussing workload equity and pay increases for all faculty. 


Here is a brief recap of the workload equity issues and past offers.  At the beginning of negotiations, faculty identified as a top priority the need to fix the disparity in how faculty workload (and thereby pay) is determined.  For some faculty, our workload is based on 15 contact hours a week equating to a full-time load.  In other areas of instruction, a full-time workload is set at 25 contact hours a week. 


Keep in mind, that all faculty pay is based on a 30-hourwork week under our CBA.  Also, all full-time faculty have identical responsibilities for non-instructional work.  This means that an instructor that is required to spend 25 hours in a classroom (or lab) must still complete the same number of hours outside of the classroom as an instructor that has a 15-contact hour workload. 


For part time faculty the variance in workload contact hours has a more direct (and intolerable) impact on their paychecks.  For example, a part-time faculty teaching a 5-contact hour course in Academic Programs is paid for a workload of 33% (5 hours/15=33%). 


That same amount of work, teaching 5 contact hours, in a program with a workload of 25 contact hours pay is only 20% (5 hours/25=20%).  66% less pay just because you teach in a professional trade! 


It’s important to keep in mind that no other employee category within the District (Deans, VP’s, support staff) is paid less based on the types of students they support. 


AFT began these negotiations in February asking for this disparity to be eliminated in full during the 3 years covered by any new Contract.   The only offer received to date from the District is to move faculty in the BTS program from 18 contact hours to 15 contact hours during the next 3 years.  This is a positive step, but not enough.  The District has made no new offers at this time.  


The District is not trying to justify this inequity during our sessions.  Like most areas of inequity, fixing past inequities requires resources (money).  Taking money from groups that haven’t suffered inequity and shifting those resources towards groups that are suffering inequities.  The District is so far refusing to put funds behind its words. 


Our next negotiation session is scheduled for November 13th.  We will continue to push for full workload equity and pay increases for all faculty in the next session.


We ask you to continue to make your concerns heard within the Colleges and our broader community. 


Your AFT Negotiation's Team