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All Faculty Meeting Highlights

Canvas Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) - Hearing has been held.  Transcription will be available Nov 13, then the lawyers have until Dec 20th to file final briefs for a decision by the examiner.  AFT Seattle ask is for acknowledgement of uncompensated time, and ideally, compensation for that time.

Legislative Agenda - report from AFTWA
Priority Budget
  • Support I-732 Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA’s) Funding - unsuspend & fully fund
  • Support HB 1348, Local Bargaining for Increment Funding - allow colleges to use local funds for step increases
  • Step Increases (Increment Funding) - continue to work on policy to automatically fund step increases
Support Policy
  • Class Size Reduction - introduction of a bill which would fully fund I-728 by 2018
  • HB 1817, The Washington State Dream Act - make the State Need Grant and College Bound Scholarship programs accessible to young, aspiring citizens
  • Fend off any revival of SB 5905 - counter attempts to move part-time state employees off of state health care benefit plans and into exchanges under the Affordable Care Act
    • (Response to a faculty question - faculty need to be on alert in case SB 5905 resurrects in some form!)
  • HB 1536, Labor/Trustees Bill - support bill to designate a labor rep on community college boards of trustees

Affordable Health Care Act - report from CTC Labor Liaison re: possible impact on PT faculty
  • PT faculty who are not covered by state health care benefits because working less than 50%, may be eligible for AHCA coverage
  • If do not have state coverage check to check eligibility for AHCA coverage
  • AHCA does not eclipse COBRA
  • The AHCA is NOT supposed to be a substitute for state benefits  
    • (Response to a faculty question - during Agreement Negotiations part-timers were NOT negotiated into the exchange system)
BE ALERT: Part-timers who find themselves allocated less classes should notify their PT president (Dave Eberhardt) or PT Representatives (North’s is Karina Sternin).  

Allocation of New Funds, Wage Reopener
  • First meeting held Wed Dec 30
  • $1.6 million on the table
  • Admin has said some of the money will go to increase exempt salaries
  • Faculty used to be among highest paid in the state, now we’re 10th.  To reach half-way, we’d have to get a 4% raise
  • AFTSeattle asking for 4% raise across the board for all full-time and part-time faculty
ACTION NEEDED by Friday Nov 8th
  • Faculty send an email to Jill Wakefield (cc: Kurt Buttleman, Charles Sims, Tracy Lai, Kimberly McRae, and your Senate President/s)
  • Thank Chancellor Wakefield for agreeing to sit down with AFT Seattle’s team to negotiate this money.  Request that she and the Administrative team please hear and attend to the faculty team’s requests.  

  • IRS 990 form filed late for a number of reasons, including the open seat for Treasurer on the eBoard
  • Been through unusual expenditures this cycle (Agreement Negotiations ran longer than expected)
  • In 2012 State and National dues increased.  AFT Seattle did NOT raise local dues (NOTE: AFT Seattle did not raise local dues the cycle before either when our affiliation dues were increased...but that time faculty had had a salary increase, so there was an automatic boost in dues percentages collected by our local)
  • Local dues will likely have to be increased in 2013-2014 (minimally), but currently eBoard is in “wait and see” mode until the Wage Reopener is worked through, hoping for clarity by WQ All Faculty Meeting

Pressing Issue
  • Allocation of Promotional Increase has been funded (as part of the new Agreement) for up to 75 part-time faculty in the first year of the Agreement
  • The eBoard is working on setting criteria for qualifications to access the Promotional Increase; stay tuned
  • Questions may be directed to any of your eBoard representatives

Once approved, detailed meeting notes, including reports out from individual campuses, are posted here

Aryana Bates
Senate co-President
NSCC Librarian