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Boeing Machinists - Solidarity Petition


No doubt you’ve heard the recent flurry of media coverage about Boeing machinists voting 2-to-1 to reject the company’s “take-it-or-we’ll-leave” proposal to build the 777X in Washington. Their proposal would:

  • Modify the IAM collective bargaining agreement (CBA), which expires in 2016, and extend it eight years
  • Slow movement up the wage scale
  • Eliminate defined-benefit pensions for new employees and offer 401k plans instead
  • Increase worker healthcare costs
  • Take away the right to strike

This is another attack on working people.

AFT Washington and the Washington State Labor Council support the Boeing machinists; read more at WSLC's The Stand. We urge you to stand with our IAM sisters and brothers by signing our Solidarity Petition.

In true bully style, Boeing (which is currently enjoying record profits) demanded $9 billion in tax breaks from the Legislature and ratification of a weaker contract two years before the current CBA expires. If both the Legislature and the IAM didn’t agree, Boeing would take the work of building the 777X elsewhere. The Legislature approved the tax breaks, but our brothers and sisters in IAM said “NO WAY to significant contract concessions!”

Instead of rewarding their employees for their high-quality workmanship, Boeing’s corporate greed and anti-union agenda threatens to further erode the middle class.

Please join me in signing the Solidarity Petition and let Boeing machinists know we support them.

In Solidarity,
Karen Strickland, President
AFT Washington