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IN THE NEWS: "Catholics, Colleges and Collective Bargaining" (The Spectator)

A snippet from the article:

As the cost of living in Seattle rises, collective bargaining activity amongst university faculty members is heating up across the city. 

On Feb. 7, the AFT 1789, the union representing the faculty of the Seattle Colleges system, held a rally ahead of negotiations for faculty wage increases. 

Annette Stofer, the AFT 1789 district president, underscored the grassroots nature of the rally. 

“A group of members who have been really energetic and well organized are the ones who get to take responsibility for the rally,” Stofer said. 

Link to the full article: "Catholics, Colleges and Collective Bargaining," by Myrea Mora and Andru Zodrow, The Spectator, February 16, 2022 

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