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IN THE NEWS: "SCC faculty considers strike after 3 years without salary increase" (Seattle Collegian)

A snippet from a recent article from The Seattle Collegian, the student paper at Central:

Strike or not, the funds given to faculty affect everyone, including the student population. “It’s not just about the salary, but our working conditions and student learning conditions, which are one in the same,” says Ribeiro. How we are taught and the environment we get to learn in is directly impacted by the resources given to our teachers, and, according to Stofer, “[instructors] work really hard to put all the pieces in place to make it the best for students… but we need people to know how low pay is affecting [faculty] to even stay here.”

“It’s hard for faculty to inspire students for upward mobility when they, themselves, are having a tough time,” adds Knutson. While faculty have been battling in negotiations with administration for the past three years, Ribeiro reveals who could really make a difference. “But you know who [administration] will listen to? Students.”

Link to the full article: "SCC faculty considers strike after 3 years without salary increase," by Mo Dulitz, Seattle Collegian, Nov 23, 2022

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