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Support the Duwamish Tribe in their fight for Federal Recognition

Please sign the petition HERE and share the message below from the Duwamish Tribe with your email listserv. You can also help amplify on social media -- here's sample posts to get the word out. Help the Duwamish Tribe reach their goal of 150,000 signatures. 


Let's move toward the vision of an equitable and inclusive city that recognizes the First People of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present, and honors with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe. 

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Contact your representatives:

How to contact my state legislator: Click here.

How do I identify my State Legislator by College District: Click here


Central and the District: Senator Jamie Pederson, Representative Nicole Macri, Representative Frank Chopp

Senator Jamie Pederson:
o   (360) 786 – 7628
o   (206) 729 - 3206
Rep Nicole Macri:
o   (360) 786 – 7826
o   (206) 729 – 3241
Representative Frank Chopp:
o   (360) 786 – 7920
o   (206) 729 – 3223

North: Representative Senator Frockt, Representative Pollett and  Rep Valdez

Senator David Frockt:
o    (360) 786 – 7690
Representative Gerry Pollett:
o   (360) 786 – 7886
o   (206) 307 - 0409
Representative Javier Valdez
o   (360) 786 – 7818
o   (206) 729 – 3255

South: Senator Joe Nguyen, Representative Eileen Cody, Representative Joe Fitzgibbon

Senator Joe Nguyen:
o   (360) 786 – 7667
o   (206) 503 - 4746
Representative Eileen Cody:
o   (360) 786 - 7978
Representative Joe Fitzgibbon:
o   (360) 786 - 7952

ROC Survey -- closes Nov. 9, 2020

Participate in the state-wide survey composed by AFT-WA's Reinvest in Our Colleges (ROC) campaign. You may have seen this link from your campus AFT president. Please take ~5 minutes to communicate your issues, and take this action together with faculty across the state. What do you feel should be prioritized in advocacy locally and at the state level?

The ROC campaign is a multi-pronged effort to work for increased revenue sources and funding allocation for community colleges. ROC fights austerity cuts at the state level in collaboration with Communities for our Colleges, a community group that connects students and faculty with their local legislators to explain what cuts mean to our students and our community.

Support Faculty Negotiations at Board of Trustees Meeting

As you know, AFT Seattle has been in negotiations with the administration for a year.  AFT Seattle has fought hard for important gains, such as workload equity and a meaningful raise to the stipend rate, along with other items.

At this point, we have decided it's time to go to mediation.  The administration has talked plenty about the need to address workload equity, but they haven't offered to do much about it.  They're willing to raise the stipend rate to $33, but that leaves us well below Shoreline ($39) and Everett Community Colleges ($40) for no good reason.


Retialiation - No Dues Deduction

This morning (3/7) extreme Lansing politicians are retaliating against an effort launched by teachers, nurses, and construction workers yesterday to amend the state constitution to protect collective bargaining rights and strengthen Michigan’s middle class.

Today the Michigan Senate retaliated by passing HB 4929, which would punish public school teachers, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers by placing burdensome new restrictions on the collection of dues that protect employees through collective bargaining agreements.  The bill would prohibit the use of payroll deduction for the collection of dues.  According to the nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency, HB 4929, “would have no significant fiscal impact on school districts.”  An amendment was put on the bill in committee that would allow payroll deduction if the union local reimbursed the cost to the school district, that reasonable amendment was taken out of the bill on the Senate floor. 

The bill now moves to the House.  Please, use your cell phone, and call your Representative on your lunch time or immediately after school today.  Ask them to vote NO on HB 4929, and if they are opposed to the bill, ask them try and stop the bill from taking “Immediate Effect.”  Click here to find your Representative.