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Rank-and-File Organizing Meeting


United States

As Rank and File members of AFT 1789, we have been on a journey toward solidarity, democracy, and collective power.  We have so much appreciation for all the RaF Union members who have been attending the all-RaF meetings and joining working teams.  We also have appreciation for those on the Union e-board who are working to dismantle the top down model of our Union. 

Together in solidarity we are working to organize open negotiations to fight for a living wage.  A strong and clear RaF is how we will get a living wage, protect jobs, and secure our working conditions.  At our January 14, all-RaF meeting we developed tactics for the upcoming wage negotiations (read the meeting notes) and we will continue that work this Friday, January 28 3pm - 5pm (read the Open negotiations statement). 

This is our Union and we want an open process and a 40% increase in salary.  Join your Union siblings and bring two colleagues to the revolution. There may even be some Billy Bragg to be enjoyed. 

We are the Union!

In Solidarity,

Your rank-and-file colleagues

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