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Our union has started negotiating our next faculty contract! 

AFT Seattle's Negotiations Team set a POWERFUL tone at our opening session with SCD on Friday March 8th, 2024, leading with the values we as a union have set for ourselves and our contract. Our team shared these values with SCD’s team, emphasizing to administration that faculty are grounding our vision for our contract in respect for ourselves, our work, and each other.

Values for Our Next Contract

  • We are whole humans who teach whole humans
  • We are community and life-driven and want to share with and contribute to our

AFT Seattle is forming our negotiations team, and we’re asking union members to apply for the roles of RESEARCHER and NOTETAKER! 

These roles are part of our union’s new negotiations team structure, which we’ve developed in line with our HIGH POWER, HIGH PARTICIPATION approach to collective bargaining. Our goal with this approach is to empower the experience and expertise of faculty as frontline academic workers at our colleges and to involve faculty in negotiations at ALL stages of the process: 


AFT Seattle is getting ready to meet the Seattle Colleges District at the table to bargain our next contract. As we decide on our bargaining platform, we need to hear from ALL FACULTY!

Complete this 2-minute SURVEY and make sure your interests are represented!