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2023-2025 Executive Board Officers


District President: Helena Ribeiro,

District President for Part-Time Faculty: Natalie Simmons,

Faculty Senate President, Seattle Central College: Jay McLean-Riggs,

Faculty Senate President, North Seattle College: Lyle Crews,

Faculty Senate President, South Seattle College: Denise Grollmus,

District-Wide Representatives

Negotiations Co-Chairs: Cristóbal Borges and Dave Ellenwood,

Grievance Chair: Julian Barr,

Membership Co-Chairs: Anna Shaver and Cat Cabral,

Communications/Technology Chair: Deepa Bhandaru,

Treasurer: Rebecca Yedlin,

Professional Issues Chair: Dr. Valerie Hunt,

College-Level Representatives

Part-Time Faculty Representative, Seattle Central College: Robert Earle,

Grievance Chair, Seattle Central College: Brendan Manley,

Grievance Co-Chairs, North Seattle College: Justina Rompogren and Tracy Furutani,

Part-Time Faculty Representative, South Seattle College: Greta

Grievance Co-Chairs, South Seattle College: Jes Pikul and Steph Hankinson, grievance

updated 01/23/2024

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