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Leading with Our Values

Our union has started negotiating our next faculty contract! 

AFT Seattle's Negotiations Team set a POWERFUL tone at our opening session with SCD on Friday March 8th, 2024, leading with the values we as a union have set for ourselves and our contract. Our team shared these values with SCD’s team, emphasizing to administration that faculty are grounding our vision for our contract in respect for ourselves, our work, and each other.

Values for Our Next Contract

  • We are whole humans who teach whole humans
  • We are community and life-driven and want to share with and contribute to our communities
  • We are committed to democratic and transparent decision-making and to just accountability
  • We are committed to staying current and innovative in our profession
  • We commit our lives to this work, and we seek to ensure a hopeful future for ourselves and our communities

Issues We'll Prioritize in Upcoming Negotiations Sessions

Our Negotiations Team also laid out the six topics we’ll begin bargaining in future joint sessions:

  1. Sustainable and Competitive Salary, Wage, Compensation, and Advancement
  2. AI, Academic Freedom, Intellectual Property, and the Contract
  3. Counseling Ratios
  4. Decolonization, Anti-Racism, and Faculty Diversity and Inclusion in the Contract
  5. Class Modality and Class Caps
  6. PHL and Adjunct/Part-Time/Contingent Faculty Compensation and Stability

Questions or ideas you'd like to share? Email our Negotiations Co-Chairs, Dave Ellenwood and Cristóbal Borges,

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