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AFT 1789 Endorses "Uncommitted" in Washington's Democratic Primary

AFT 1789 endorses the movement to vote “uncommitted” in the March 12th Democratic Primary in Washington State. 


Since our union endorsed a ceasefire statement two months ago, the death toll of Israel’s war in Gaza has surpassed 30,000, and without decisive intervention from the US, thousands more are at risk. In recognition of the outsized role the US plays in this conflict, our communities have urged our elected officials for a ceasefire, but our efforts have had little effect. President Biden and Congress continue approving military aid to Israel, going so far as pursuing an unprecedented $14 billion support package. 


Peace advocates in Michigan ran a successful campaign promoting a vote of “uncommitted” in the Democratic primary, sending a strong message to President Biden to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and a halt on US military aid to Israel. AFT 1789 joins UFCW Local 3000 in endorsing an “uncommitted” vote in Washington’s Democratic primary next week. The primary is an opportunity to amplify our voices in support of human rights in Gaza and to signal to President Biden that he must push for a lasting ceasefire and an end to US funding for this brutal war. 

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